Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upgrade Your Business with Facebook!

Don't let the opportunity to use a free Facebook page pass you by! Whether you're an Etisian, Artfire lover, eBay shopkeeper or other, there is no better way to network, socialize, promote, explore, discover and upgrade your business. From sharing with friends at the click of a button, to keeping past customers up to date on new sales, coupons, new products and events, Facebook makes staying in touch SIMPLE!

Recently Facebook has added an 'upgrade' option making pages even more effective. Already using Facebook as a tool to reach new and existing customers? Take the tour of the facebook upgrade nad find tools, like the ability to post to other folks pages AS YOUR BUSINESS. This is huge! Now you can spread your little business icon all over the place--like dropping business cards all over the internet!

Other key features:

  • You can link your posts with twitter--double exposure without double work.
  • Pictures of your work blaze across the top for visitors to see choice examples of your creations.
  • When logged in as your business you get a News Feed of different pages you've 'liked' as your business.

& remember--first things first. 'Like' Handmade Triad's page & SHARE with your friends and customers.

this post brought to you by Lacey of Gremlina Vintage(for ideas on how to use your facebook page, feel free to stop by ours!)


  1. Sooooo glad they changed this. It's made life a lot easier even though I'm still learning and fixing some things. I just spent a long time "liking" fellow artists that I already "liked" as a person but not yet as a business!

  2. agreed--MUCH easier & more user friendly. still a few kinks I think they'll eventually work out, like no tagging as yet as your page, hopefully soon.