Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love day

Shopping locally is big. Keeping money close, investing in our communities, supporting folks around the corner--nothing feels better than finding what you need, meeting the person who's providing for you, and walking away satisfied--nothing.

Holidays are the PERFECT time to achieve this world-saving notion.The perfect time to think a little outside the box, think ahead a bit & order from local folks--heck, have something specially made for the person most special in your own life!

Here are a few examples of great local folks who are ready to supply you with goods that will make your loved ones feel special. All from our delightfully talented Handmade Triad team members.
from danikeith & loads more.
from HauteChocolate & these taste better than they look--i've sampled.
could you go wrong with misunrie's vase filled with your love's favorite flowers??
And something slightly more masculine from Ikow Designs

What can't you find from our local artisans?! All these shops & more conveniently found at Handmade Triad.com

this blog post provided by Lacey of Gremlina Vintage

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