Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Minute with Lisa Snedeker

Our Handmade Triad group is proud to welcome social media consultant, Lisa Snedeker to our April meeting where she will take us through a social media bootcamp. Currently serving as Director of communications, public relations & social media at Wake Forest School of Law, Lisa is fascinated by the growth of social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.
A teacher of journalism and even French, Lisa now helps businesses take advantage of the power of social media. "One of the biggest misconceptions people have about social media is that it's a fad" Snedeker says.

ONE Minute with Lisa...

ONE time when I was little my parents left me with their friends in Japan for two weeks and I didn't want to go home when they got back.

ONE day I hope to return to China.

ONE movie I would never tire of watching --'Field of Dreams' and 'Out of Africa'.

If I had to create with ONE color for the rest of my life, I would pick sage green

ONE of my best strategies for fueling my creativity is running.

If I could add ONE hour to my day, I would read.

ONE thing I hope to gain from teaching this course is new insights.

ONE thing you really need to know about me is I like good conversation.

ONE thing I know for sure is that prayer works

Find Lisa on Twitter: lisa_snedeker

Photo credit: divadea

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