Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greensboro Youth Orchestra Painted Violins Raffle at the indie Market

Nothing feels better than being a force for good. One of the many reasons for wanting to start the indie market was to be able to raise awareness for the many hard working, passionate organizations we have in our community. I am thrilled that this month we will have two of these organizations at the indie market. Along with Bricolage we are proud to be one of the hosts of the Greensboro Youth Orchestra Painted Violins Raffle!!!

The Greensboro Youth Orchestra is running a fundraiser from late Oct until Dec. The GSYO is one of the Greensboro Symphony's music education programs.

The Painted Violins fundraiser is to help students raise money for the GSYO Tour in March to Austria!!!

The GSYO acquired 11 instruments and paired them with a visual artist who has generously donated his/her talents to produce one of a kind art. The diverse results are brilliant. "Painted Violins" is actually a bit of a misnomer as there is also a trombone in the mix and paint is not the sole medium. We have included fiber artists, collage and sculpture as well. Some will be playable instruments. One sprays water. All are works of art. The entire collection will be on display at Greensboro Symphony Concerts on Oct 29 and 31 and Nov. 21 (Pops Concert) and at the INDIE MARKET ON NOVEMBER 6th!!!

Participating artists are:

Betsy Bevins

Amy Gates

Louise Grape

Martha Herbolich

Naomi Keltz-Jones

Beth Latture

Don Morgan

James Quinn

Janet Oliver

Jack Stratton

Beginning Oct 25, Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra will be selling raffle tickets for the instruments ($5 each, or 7 tickets for $25) Purchasers will be able to designate which instrument they hope to win. All money will go toward the GSYO Austrian Tour next spring. The drawings will be held at the Youth Orchestra's fall concert at Greensboro Day School, Dec 6. The concert is free. Raffle tickets can be purchased from any GSYO member during that period and at the concerts.

Come on down to the indie market and help these kids go on a lifechanging trip to Ausrria!!

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